Divorce Is Not The End But The Beginning Of a Brand New Life


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Divorce Is Not The End But The Beginning Of a Brand New Life - Discover how you can recover from your divorce? Moving on after divorce for men.Discover how you can recover from your divorce?

Moving on after divorce for men! As your divorce is final and you are single again. Through all the vows you said it has come full circle. It is now back to you against the world. divorce is not the end but the beginning of a brand new life; yes, some see it is a new beginning, a place to forge a new future and can recover from divorce quickly … so why is it that moving on after divorce for men can be so difficult for some compared to others?

The answer isn’t simple as everyone is different, but there are many common aspects to the pain of divorce for guys and how to resolve some of them. Being able to let go of some of these negative thoughts and actions will untangle yourself from post-divorce hell and allow you to move on. If you are struggling in this zone, read on to discover more.

Dealing with Resentment and Bitterness

It is not surprising that men are bitter and resentful after a divorce. It may seem like a totally natural reaction to the heart crushing realities of your post-divorce life, but it is a destructive emotion that only harms you and gives no benefit!

Think about it, what good does being resentful do? Does it help you in life? Does it cause your ex any real harm? Does ti solve any problems?

The only thing it does is make you feel bad and restricts further relationships which you will be wary of and bring negative baggage to. Resentment is a useless emotion and can be replaced with a more fulfilling emotion that helps bring joy and fulfillment to your life and not worry about your ex or society thinks.

Dealing with the Anger

Anger is another destructive emotion linked to the bitterness and resentment but is more closely linked to a deeper psychological issue. This is rooted in low self esteem, an injured ego, and a desire to feel powerful because you feel so powerless after divorce.

Lashing out can make you feel a surge or power, and can sometimes make someone else feel less powerful if you harm them physically or emotionally. This boosts your self esteem in a very poisonous way that does not last and will make you feel worse in the long run and will not help in moving on after divorce for men.

While it does not seem controllable when you just lose it, knowing why you are angry will help you overcome these things. You cannot blame the divorce because you are always in control of your own actions, you just need to understand divorce is not the end.

While being divorced dating is one of the best and practical way from divorce recovery but some times expert advice is needed to understand divorce is not the end but the beginning of a brand new life. For more help in understanding your own mind, and how to use this information to be happy again, click here to discover a complete road map to recovery after divorce for men. You can be free of these negative emotions and destructive behaviors quickly if you want to!


Recovery after Divorce for Men – 4 Rules to Follow


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Recovery after Divorce for Men – 4 Rules to Follow

Recovery after Divorce for Men – 4 Rules to Follow

Being divorced doesn’t mean; the end of the world. It only feels like it is! Recovery after divorce for men does feel like you are crawling away from a world shattering cataclysm though so learning to recover properly and heal emotionally is essential to be able to move on with your life.

While understanding every element of divorce and its emotional impact on you is a very large topic, this article will give you four rules that can help you move through this rocky part of your life and set you up for a happier future.

  1. Stop the Hate – Resentment, bitterness, and hate; these are very common amongst divorced men for rather obvious reasons. Most men fee justified in this attitude and many might even agree! The problem is that hating does not help you one tiny bit, there is not benefit to yourself to hang on to this negative emotion. Hating does not teach anyone a lesson it only holds you back form being happy and experiencing more in life. Being able to let go of these issues is essential to moving on from a failed marriage.
  2. Stay Connected – All too often men after divorce withdraw emotionally and socially from life. This is a dangerous direction often caused by an inability to understand and work through the complex tangle of emotions that we all go through after a break up. The danger is that without perspective of other people and without helpful social contact men develop a much higher risk of depression, anxiety, and suicide. Social connections are essential for mental health.
  3. Learn to Forgive – This may be the hardest part, but the most freeing. Even if you stop the hate and resentment, you might still never forgive your ex, or perhaps yourself for the divorce. This is the burden most men carry around that will harm their future happiness, and future relationships. Forgiveness allows you to be truly free of this shadow that will cloud all your thinking. This does not mean forgetting, or condoning any actions … it just means releasing yourself of carrying this burden and not letting it affect you anymore.
  4. Dating after Divorce – This may be the one of the best rule; you should start dating online fast as possible for you, there are lot of best divorced dating sites online today, go ahead to join one even free to start dating after divorce; its one of the best practical solution to forget your ex wife, get your grip on all the negative effects of divorce on men.

These are large and overarching ideas of course. They need an understanding of many parts of your own mind and emotions as well as a plan and course of action to follow. This can take some men years to achieve, but if you want to get to this stage and be happy and emotionally healthy again in just a few weeks even, click here for a complete road map to divorce recovery for men and take this opportunity today!

What Men After Divorce Need to Know


What Men After Divorce Need to Know

What Men After Divorce Need to Know

Divorce is a life shattering experience for most men that can bring even the most successful, confident man to his knees. The loss of the core of your life which was your wife and possibly a family is a serious blow and takes some time to heal. Men after divorce are also not usually well equipped to deal with this heart wrenching journey.

As such, here are a few things you need to know to help you through the tough times.

End Denial

One of the first stages of the grieving process of divorce is denial. This is when you do not think this is really happening, that your wife will turn around suddenly and stop this divorce thing from happening. This is usually a delusion created by a panicking mind that cannot yet grasp this new idea of being divorced.

While you still believe it can all be saved, you can never move on. The longer you leave a tiny spark of hope that you can avoid divorce or reconcile, you are sabotaging your future by holding onto a dream that can never come true.

Letting go for men after divorce is hard, and when you do the following emotions can be ugly but you must end this phase to go through the next stages.

Let go of Resentment

If you have moved through denial stage you may end up angry and resentful of your ex wife and the entire situation. This is a normal reaction once you have finally accepting it is happening. You feel hurt and you want them to felt he same pain as you so you end up being angry and bitter in some hope that it will hurt them.

The problem is that holding onto resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies (thanks to Nelson Mandela for that very insightful quote). It achieves nothing and only hurts you. It is a defence mechanism designed to keep you wary of your ex wife, marriage, and women in general.

What it really does is tie your mind to this divorce even more strongly with a negative link that will direct your entire life if you let it. Letting go of resentment takes some time and effort but it will set you free.

Achieve Forgiveness

This is one of the hardest things you can ever do. Forgiving your ex wife and forgiving yourself as well is the path to happiness and freedom from the hell of post-divorce despair.

Forgiving does not mean forgetting though, and it does not condone anything you or your ex wife did or said. Forgiveness simply means that it does not control your emotions anymore and you have the grace to let all negative associations with the divorce melt away.

These are not easy concepts to comprehend, and act on, while you are struggling with the end of your marriage though. If you are tired of just eeking out an existence and dealing with each emotional crisis as it happens and want a complete solution to end the anxiety, sadness and anger, click here to find out what men after divorce need to know and how you can come on right track.


Dating After Divorce With Kids


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Dating After Divorce With Kids

How to start dating after divorce with kids? After divorce dating and kids seem a very complicated matter but it’s one of an important aspect of dating that generally single parents experience while dating, there is nothing to be worried about; either you are dating after divorce for women with kids or dating after divorce for men with kids, you can get right back into the new relationship as fast as possible. Find out and sign up free to search thousands of single divorced parents looking for dating after divorce with children!

How to Forget Your Ex Wife and Move on


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How to Forget Your Ex Wife and Move on

How to Forget Your Ex Wife and Move on

There are variety of negative effects of divorce on men that can go into complications; learning how to forget your ex wife and move on from your divorce is not easy, but it is vital to be free of the negative impact of your marriage break up. All too often men can be laid low by hearing a song that reminds you of God or bad times, or glancing a picture in the corner of your eye that brings back memories of happier times, then your mind cannot stop the flood of emotions and memories that can overwhelm you.

These will never completely go away until you have completely accepted the divorce and retrained your brain to let go of the whole incident, but along the way being able to control those thoughts and memories will give you breathing space to be able to rationally sort out your thoughts.

A few ways to do this are:

Live in the Now

One of the key elements of being happy is to live each day in the moment without the future or the past overly interfering. When you are feeling like your memories and stresses of post-divorce life are getting you down, try this little exercise.

  • Concentrate on just your physical sensations right at this instant.
  • Feel the exact sensations that each part of your body feels.
  • Start at the top of your head, then move down to your face, then op to the neck, shoulder, arms, hands, fingers, chest continuing down to your toes.
  • Do they feel cold or warm? Maybe tingly? Feel the press of clothes against the skin as well. Take everything in.
  • Concentrate then on your senses. What can you smell, hear, taste, see?
  • Now close your eyes, then try to feel all of this at once.
  • This will enable you to bring your consciousness back from bad memories of the past and pressures of the future to just your exact state at the moment free of many negative things.

Wash Away Memories

Another helpful mental tool is a visualization technique that helps to wash away memories. This might take a few times to get right but it can be applied to many parts of life where you are carrying around emotional burdens.

  • First imagine your bad memories of your ex wife and your marriage as a layer of dirt all over your body.
  • Imagine now a hot shower, steam billowing out form its cleansing heat.
  • Take an imaginary step into this shower and imagine a cleansing of this dirt from your body.
  • Imagine the memories as layers of dirt sliding off your body to wash down the drain.
  • Imagine a particularly bad memories falling out form your heart and your chest to disintegrate in the water and wash away.
  • Keep doing this until you feel clean.
  • Open your eyes now and you should have lessened the effects of these memories or even completely negated the effects of them!

For more help and advice on how to forget your ex wife and move in from your divorce, click here to find a complete road map to ease the emotional turmoil and gain the happiness and fulfillment that can come from being free of the memories of your ex and the divorce.You should also need to start dating online to begin living a normal life, there are plenty of best divorced dating sites online today, go ahead and become a free member to start dating again after divorce; its one of the practical solution to Forget Your Ex Wife, get rid of the negative Effects of Divorce on Men and Move on for men struggling with post divorce life.

First Date After Divorce


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Majority of the divorcees generally take extra time to date again after being divorced or separated, such over delay make them feeling as a single again, although these divorced singles act like a new person but their new personality mostly come up being a rejected, less confident and broken person; large group of such kind of divorced people didn’t feel strength to start divorce dating again. All of such negativity can easily repel them in making new relationships that’s the reason their first date after divorce or breakup become a big deal for them. If you are feeling nervous on taking decision to date again after divorce; you should nothing to worry because its normal, be confident and adopt the practical way that majority of divorced people do! Going on first date after divorce is a big decision but you have to make it to become a happy person back into normal life.

How to Stay Sane? 3 Tips to Divorce Recovery for Men


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How to Stay Sane? 3 Tips to Divorce Recovery for Men

How to Stay Sane? 3 Tips to Divorce Recovery for Men

Divorce recovery for men can be a slow and painful process as you learn to live your life in a totally new way. Along this journey you will encounter many problems both small and manageable, but also some huge that threaten to overwhelm you.

The good news is that most men do come through this period eventually, but you want to move through it as fast as you can. You also do not want to get stuck in this post divorce mentality which has trapped many men who are now doomed to live with the shadow of their divorce controlling their life.

Looking to know about how to stay sane? As such, here are 3 timely tips to divorce recovery for men that will help you stay sane and move on from your divorce:

End the Bitterness and Resentment

Being bitter, hating on your ex, resenting your divorce and marriage. This stuff does not actually help you in any way. If you have kids it does not help them. It also does absolutely NOTHING to your ex wife! It does not hurt her, make her feel bad, inhibit her, or change her opinion.

Being bitter and resentful is only a defense mechanism against further relationships because you are scared of being hurt again. Therefore, it hurts yourself now, and it will screw up any good relationships that might come along later. You need to let go of those negative thoughts.

Don’t Feed Your Self Esteem and Ego

While you may feel terrible and have a self esteem that is so low it is crashing through the floor, this does not mean you need to bolster it. Trying to feel more confident and better about yourself by feeding your ego is a sure way to do things you regret. It also has no lasting measure of happiness, just a quick way to feel in control for just a brief moment.

Get Out There and Live!

Moping about will not help you enhance your life and make you feel happy. While you probably know this, the reason behind it is multifaceted. Happiness comes from knowing yourself which cannot happen while you live in a stagnant environment if you are shutting yourself away. Happiness also comes from your connections with people. Without your wife being there you need other connections. This does not (and should not) be a lover at this stage though. Just friends and family being around you will make you feel better and more connected to everything in the world. So the best divorce recovery for men is to live your life to the fullest and experience more … not less!

For a complete road-map to divorce recovery for men that will give you the power to change your life around and be happily divorced, loving it and indeed prepare yourself for dating after divorce, click here to find out more.

Divorce Recovery For Men


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Divorce Recovery For Men

Divorce Recovery For Men

Divorce recovery for men can be a long and painful process, or it can be something you can work through in just a few days or weeks if you know how. This is not because some men cope better, or that some are soulless and emotionless robots. Recovering quickly from a divorce is all about understanding your mental state and being able to train your brain and emotions to get to the acceptance of divorce with a whole new attitude and sense of self respect.

All those guys looking to do divorce recovery should understand that dealing with the divorce is same as dealing with any sort of depression or grief. The loss of a loving partner causes many similar thoughts and emotions as does losing your wife, even she is still around. Let take a quick look at the 5 cycles of grief one by one; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

If divorced singles want to know about how to deal with each of these stages of divorce so that they can carry on their life without suffering from emotional pain and turmoil; these people need a comprehensive guide and, or practical help by someone who has been suffered with the same situation before.

Divorce Help for Men Struggling with Post Divorce Life


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Divorce Help for Men Struggling with Post Divorce Life

Divorce Help for Men Struggling with Post Divorce Life

Are you a person who is finding it difficult to deal with the emotional strain and social pressure of post-divorce life? If so, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many guys need divorce help for men because there is so little support for the male divorcee in our society that mistakenly believes that men do not have emotions.

What most men need is an understanding of their emotions. An understanding of how their mind is working that is causing so many problems. This level of understanding and introspection can be difficult for many guys who have been told for so long to just suck it up and keep living life … which is needed to a degree, but not at the expense of good mental health.

So here is some help for post-divorce life that worked for me to help my mental health and will help your chances of moving on from your divorce.

Don’t Be a Slave Self Esteem

The hit to self esteem that a divorce causes is massive. At one point you were the king of a household, with a wife at your side and possibly a family you were the head of. Now though, all these things are gone and you are probably feeling like your self esteem is at rock bottom.

This is painful, but it is also a trap that lures many guys and destroys them. The drive to feel good about yourself because you feel so bad right now can lead to much destructive behavior. Womanizing, drugs, alcohol, fighting, and many others can be ways a man tries to make themselves feel powerful because divorce makes them feel powerless. As you can imagine, all of these things will hurt you in the long run.

Living life without having too feed your self esteem, but instead being happy about who you are at each moment without circumstance or other peoples judgement effecting your state of mind is the key.

This is not the easiest thing to achieve though so do not feel you are a failure if you feel low by any means! It can take some men years to come to an acceptance3 of divorce and a healthier sense of self respect that does not need to feed their own ego to survive.

To find out how you can do this and many other essential parts of letting go of a divorce and living a happier life, click here for a complete post-divorce recovery road-map. You should also require to start dating online to get your normal and happy life back, there are plenty of best divorced dating sites online today, go ahead and become a free member to start dating after divorce; its one of a best, practical and powerful solution of divorce help for men struggling with post divorce life.


Divorce for Men – What As A Divorced Man You Need to Know to Recover?


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Divorce for Men – What As A Divorced Man You Need to Know to Recover?

How does divorce for men really affect a guy? Well, if you have never been through it, you may be forgiven for not quite understanding the gut wrenching feeling of having your entire life and dreams come crashing down around you. If you are going through a divorce, or are living in the aftermath of one, then you know this feeling all too well.

In the end though, this phase of your life has come to an end and you must recover from this monumental setback and move forward. This is always easier said than done, but there are a few important things you must know that will make this transition easier.

  • Dealing with memories
  • Dealing with the now
  • Dealing with the future

Find out more in detail as knowing exactly what the real problems are in your psyche gives you a much clearer view on how divorce for men can be overcome.