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How to Forget Your Ex Wife and Move on

How to Forget Your Ex Wife and Move on

There are variety of negative effects of divorce on men that can go into complications; learning how to forget your ex wife and move on from your divorce is not easy, but it is vital to be free of the negative impact of your marriage break up. All too often men can be laid low by hearing a song that reminds you of God or bad times, or glancing a picture in the corner of your eye that brings back memories of happier times, then your mind cannot stop the flood of emotions and memories that can overwhelm you.

These will never completely go away until you have completely accepted the divorce and retrained your brain to let go of the whole incident, but along the way being able to control those thoughts and memories will give you breathing space to be able to rationally sort out your thoughts.

A few ways to do this are:

Live in the Now

One of the key elements of being happy is to live each day in the moment without the future or the past overly interfering. When you are feeling like your memories and stresses of post-divorce life are getting you down, try this little exercise.

  • Concentrate on just your physical sensations right at this instant.
  • Feel the exact sensations that each part of your body feels.
  • Start at the top of your head, then move down to your face, then op to the neck, shoulder, arms, hands, fingers, chest continuing down to your toes.
  • Do they feel cold or warm? Maybe tingly? Feel the press of clothes against the skin as well. Take everything in.
  • Concentrate then on your senses. What can you smell, hear, taste, see?
  • Now close your eyes, then try to feel all of this at once.
  • This will enable you to bring your consciousness back from bad memories of the past and pressures of the future to just your exact state at the moment free of many negative things.

Wash Away Memories

Another helpful mental tool is a visualization technique that helps to wash away memories. This might take a few times to get right but it can be applied to many parts of life where you are carrying around emotional burdens.

  • First imagine your bad memories of your ex wife and your marriage as a layer of dirt all over your body.
  • Imagine now a hot shower, steam billowing out form its cleansing heat.
  • Take an imaginary step into this shower and imagine a cleansing of this dirt from your body.
  • Imagine the memories as layers of dirt sliding off your body to wash down the drain.
  • Imagine a particularly bad memories falling out form your heart and your chest to disintegrate in the water and wash away.
  • Keep doing this until you feel clean.
  • Open your eyes now and you should have lessened the effects of these memories or even completely negated the effects of them!

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