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How to Stay Sane? 3 Tips to Divorce Recovery for Men

How to Stay Sane? 3 Tips to Divorce Recovery for Men

Divorce recovery for men can be a slow and painful process as you learn to live your life in a totally new way. Along this journey you will encounter many problems both small and manageable, but also some huge that threaten to overwhelm you.

The good news is that most men do come through this period eventually, but you want to move through it as fast as you can. You also do not want to get stuck in this post divorce mentality which has trapped many men who are now doomed to live with the shadow of their divorce controlling their life.

Looking to know about how to stay sane? As such, here are 3 timely tips to divorce recovery for men that will help you stay sane and move on from your divorce:

End the Bitterness and Resentment

Being bitter, hating on your ex, resenting your divorce and marriage. This stuff does not actually help you in any way. If you have kids it does not help them. It also does absolutely NOTHING to your ex wife! It does not hurt her, make her feel bad, inhibit her, or change her opinion.

Being bitter and resentful is only a defense mechanism against further relationships because you are scared of being hurt again. Therefore, it hurts yourself now, and it will screw up any good relationships that might come along later. You need to let go of those negative thoughts.

Don’t Feed Your Self Esteem and Ego

While you may feel terrible and have a self esteem that is so low it is crashing through the floor, this does not mean you need to bolster it. Trying to feel more confident and better about yourself by feeding your ego is a sure way to do things you regret. It also has no lasting measure of happiness, just a quick way to feel in control for just a brief moment.

Get Out There and Live!

Moping about will not help you enhance your life and make you feel happy. While you probably know this, the reason behind it is multifaceted. Happiness comes from knowing yourself which cannot happen while you live in a stagnant environment if you are shutting yourself away. Happiness also comes from your connections with people. Without your wife being there you need other connections. This does not (and should not) be a lover at this stage though. Just friends and family being around you will make you feel better and more connected to everything in the world. So the best divorce recovery for men is to live your life to the fullest and experience more … not less!

For a complete road-map to divorce recovery for men that will give you the power to change your life around and be happily divorced, loving it and indeed prepare yourself for dating after divorce, click here to find out more.